I am a listener. Maybe because I was born the oldest of four, the art of listening became necessary to keep tabs on my brothers and sister. There were no surprises when one of them got in trouble or needed my help. I knew where they were headed before they got there. And they knew I never judged – their choices were different than mine, but I accepted their direction and dealt with the results as they came. Unknowingly, my lifetime of listening began.

So the half-century woman you will get to know has heard the good and the bad of humanity. I am thankful to be trusted with the intimacies spoken to me by people who have passed through my life. Their faith has graced me with a deep, abiding soul that understands the need for laughter.

I am a writer. As yet uncomfortable and awkward, I feel a need to write. So ask me questions. I know about fitness, horses, dogs, children, relationships, cooking, feeling alone in a crowded room – and learning new skills every day.

My “About” is alive and will be ever-changing as I grow and expand my knowledge. I look forward to sharing and learning about you.

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